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Orebyte Media "Gods"

The GODS Collection was created to show the Raw Power of each Artist as they perform on stage.  The Black and white Processing of the Artwork was chosen to create a truly timeless image.   The Artist created these pieces with the finest Paper and Ink that is available in the world.  The Fine Art Paper is from the same stock as The Master Painters and the Pigmented Ink is the same type used in the Pyramids of Egypt.  Black and Grey Inks have the longest longevity without fading and will last hundreds of years.

The GODS Collection is printed on Three types of Paper.  Exhibition Fiber Soft Gloss, Silver Metallic Gloss and Fine Art Cotton Rag Matte.  Each paper has its own unique properties and characteristics.  Exhibition Fiber is similar to Traditional Silver Gelatin Darkroom Prints, Silver Metallic is like polished metal that reflects in the white areas, Fine Art Cotton Rag uses a Matte Black Ink with no reflection on the paper surface.

This Collection Features the hit Band Falling In Reverse, Ronnie Radke, Jacky Vincent, Derek Jones, Ryan Seaman, Max Green. 

Rock Prints Are Printed at a LAB, Fiber Prints are Hand Made by the Artist. 

Rock Prints http://www.orebytemedia.com/Rock-Prints

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